Agile Marketing Manifesto

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I attended the 10 year celebration of the writing of the Agile manifesto. What struck me was that people are still talking only about the delivery of what they call “business value”…what’s missing  is attention to the actual capture of revenue, which is the entire point of the exercise. Without it, the best agile practices and language such as “business value” miss the mark.

At the 10 Year Agile celebration, the conclusion was to focus on “Improving the entire process of value creation”. Notice that here again, the thinking on value stops once the product has shipped…nobody has yet purchased the product – no revenue has been captured. Therefore, value is still only in potential form. What we need is to improve the “entire process of value creation *and conversion*”, thus closing the loop.

So, building on the innovative precepts in the original Agile Manifesto for Software Development, I have here a restatement of the 2nd value, currently written as:

“…Working software over comprehensive documentation

But which, in the Agile Manifesto for Marketing needs to read:

“…Captured revenue over delivery of potential value

Even in marketing, people are so focused on the delivery of the marketing campaign that they forget to attend to the prime directive, which is to convert visitors and capture revenue. Capturing revenue is highly iterative and relies less on a formal process and more on being agile. Agile processes are not about productivity, they’re about responsiveness and adaptability. Used in a holistic process, with the end result to deliver true “business value” – that is, to improve conversions and capture revenue, hits the mark.

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Ghennipher Weeks is Founder & Sr. Digital Marketing Consultant at Applied Connectioneering. She works with clients in the home automation/home technology industry to help them quickly generate qualified leads online and increase profitability by providing consulting and multi-channel digital marketing services and training.

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